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Tahir Foundation Offers Free Cancer Treatment For Children

Tahir Foundation, along with Mayapada Hospital, launched on Monday a program offering free treatment to disadvantaged children under 12 years old with cancer. Tahir Foundation’s founder, DR. Tahir, said that under the program, Mayapada Hospital would provide cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, transplantation and rehabilitation, to patients and accommodation to their families during treatment. “Many Indonesian…

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Tahir Foundation Free Cancer Treatment For Children Program

Pediatric cancer is one of the leading causes of non-accidental death in children. No child nor family should have to suffer the horror, pain and despair of this devastating disease.

Tahir Foundation, in partnership with Mayapada Hospital, is addressing this issue by providing free cancer treatment for underprivileged children under 12 years old. This is a testament to the foundation’s commitment to the realization of a healthier and more prosperous Indonesia.

Download documents to apply:

Formulir Isian Permohonan Kanker

Surat Pernyataan – Kanker

Surat Permohonan – Kanker

Tahir Foundation Free Heart Surgery Program

Tahir Foundation Care For Heart Surgery is an aid program in the field of health given by Tahir Foundation specifically to help finance heart surgery for patients with the economic background of families in need in Indonesia.

By funding the operation for those who are in need. Tahir Foundation is dedicated to save lives by making a difference to heart healthcare of all Indonesians who are less fortunate.

Download document to apply :

Formulir Isian Permohonan Jantung

Surat Pernyataan – Jantung

Surat Permohonan – Jantung

How To Apply

How to apply and participate in the Tahir Foundation Programs ?

  1. Download the registration form and documents found here
  2. Fill the required fields
  3. Submit the form and documents by email to info@tahirfoundation.or.id

 Please note that term and conditions may apply.