Founder Project - Social Prosperity

Tahir Foundation & Ministry of Labor Collaborate to Give Training for 5000 Candidate of Indonesian Worker Abroad

Tahir Foundation and Ministry of Labor collaborates to provide education and training 5000 candidate of Indonesian worker, especially for nurse and elderly care. The memorandum of agreement has signed by the chairman of Tahir Foundation, Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir, MBA, and Ministry of Labor of Indonesian Republic, Hanif Dhakiri at Ministry of Labor hall,…

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Tahir Foundation Donation to Transjakarta Cares 20 Units Vehicle

(Jakarta,3 March 2017) Disability in jakarta will increasingly smiled relief. Because PT. Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta) which currently having only 6 units of transjakarta cares will increase fleet to 26 unit. Tahir Foundation work real socially in need of 20 units of transjakarta cares type Daihatsu minibus worth Rp3,126 billion to the jakarta administration, today. Additional…

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