Helping Realize
the Full Human Potential
Of Indonesia

Giving Back
to Community
Our vision is a better Indonesia where every individual has access to adequate healthcare and education that enhance their quality of life
“I want to become a person who benefits other people, society and the nation. Wealth is a tool, it is used to attain the ultimate objective : for the sick to be healed, for children to go to school, for workers to have work, for the weak to become strong, for the livelihood of a poor man to improve. I hope I can help their lives to become blessed and fortunate”

Dato’ Sri Prof. DR. Tahir, MBA

Letter From Founder

We Care About Healthcare

A person’s health is their most valuable treasure. Problems occur when people are not able to afford the costs of medical care. Our foundation aims to improve the lives of Indonesians by providing access to adequate healthcare.

We Care About Education

Our future lies in the hands of our children. One of our foremost priorities should be the nurturing and education of our youth. Our foundation actively supports educational institutes to nurture the best and the brightest of Indonesia.

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